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spruce 1

a. Any of various coniferous evergreen trees of the genus Picea, having flattened or four-angled needlelike leaves, a conic shape, pendulous cones, and soft wood often used for paper pulp.
b. Any of various similar or related trees.
c. The wood of any of these trees.
2. A grayish green to dark greenish black.

[Short for obsolete Spruce fir, Prussian fir, from Middle English Spruce, Prussia, alteration of Pruce from Anglo-Norman Pruz, from Medieval Latin Prussia.]

spruce 2

adj. spruc·er, spruc·est
Neat, trim, and smart in appearance: "a good-looking man; spruce and dapper, and very tidy" (Anthony Trollope).
v. spruced, spruc·ing, spruc·es
To make neat and trim: spruced up the chairs with new slipcovers.
To make oneself neat and smart in appearance: He was sprucing for the school dance.

[Perhaps from obsolete spruce leather, Prussian leather, from Middle English Spruce, Prussia; see spruce1.]

spruce′ly adv.
spruce′ness n.
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Adv.1.sprucely - in a stylish mannersprucely - in a stylish manner; "He was smartly dressed"


[ˈspruːslɪ] ADV sprucely dressedelegantemente vestido, vestido de punta en blanco


adv dressed (man) → flott, schmuck (dated); (woman, child) → adrett; painted, decorated etcschmuck; laid outsauber und ordentlich; sprucely kept gardensgepflegte Gärten
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As the chaise drew nearer, he perceived that Tackleton was dressed out sprucely for his marriage, and that he had decorated his horse's head with flowers and favours.
I am conservative to the degree that I want the government to ban these manufacturers or marketers from placing young girls, sprucely attired, alongside their products just to attract customers.
Every composition seems sprucely groomed for precise effect, Hausner's evocation of the Empire era evading the usual parade of perukes while nevertheless reveling in period fashion and decor--high-waisted dresses, trompe l'oeil doors, and infinite shades of vermilion and emerald.