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or spu·mo·ne  (spo͝o-mō′nē)
An Italian ice cream having layers of different colors or flavors and often containing fruits and nuts.

[Italian spumone, spumoni (originally, a layered ice cream dessert containing a lighter layer incorporating whipped cream), from augmentative of spuma, foam, whipped sorbet, from Old Italian, foam, from Latin spūma.]


or spu•mo•ne

(spəˈmoʊ ni)

variously flavored and colored ice cream containing candied fruit and nuts.
[1920–25; < Italian, =spum(a) spume + -one augmentative suffix]
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Rich girl Rhonda, reclusive Pigeon Man, and washed-up singer Dino Spumoni whose career Arnold helped revive were some of the personalities who thanked the football head.
Sometimes it felt like another world altogether, a million miles away, so full of family warmth and ease, so different from our way of life, and sometimes when my parents laughed and lingered over coffee and Spumoni it felt like a newly discovered part of our home, no distance at all.
The cheesecake described to us omitted the Italianate aspects, so instead we went with spumoni -- solid, tasty and quick to disappear -- and a hot brownie ice cream sundae with a slightly crusted confection swimming in creams, ice and otherwise.
And only one of the 25 establishments mentioned by GQ, Fatty 'Cue, is represented at the arena, while there are numerous Brooklyn purveyors, some new, others stalwarts like Junior's and L&B Spumoni Gardens.
BEST SPECIALTY FLAVOR: Abel's spumoni consists of layers of cherry, pistachio and chocolate ice cream that are peppered with almonds and a blend of candied fruits.
But then we stop again, for the perfect Sicilian pizza at L&B Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst, a joint with 70s-style decor run by Lou Barbati, whose father opened it in 1939.
Then we visit L&B Spumoni Gardens for its Sicilian-style pizza.
This is a restaurant richly steeped in Italian tradition, and an advisable dessert choice is spumoni ($8.
Top sellers include lemon sorbet (with freshly squeezed lemon juice and marinated lemon zest) and spumoni gelato.
Ah, here it comes - a scoop each of chocolate and spumoni ice cream to cleanse our palates.
But you'll forget tradition and sheep with the first bite of the handmade cannoli from Angela and Romolo Cappello, at Romolo's Spumoni & Cannoli Factory.
My tongue against glass I lick lemon spumoni, lime agates, iridescent gumballs, wet red polish, mango crystals, a blueberry freeze, amethyst ice, the luster of mint.