spun yarn

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spun yarn

A lightweight line made of several rope yarns loosely wound together, used for seizings onboard ship.

spun yarn



(Nautical Terms) nautical small stuff made from rope yarns twisted together

spun′ yarn′

1. yarn produced by spinning fibers into a continuous strand.
2. cord formed of rope yarns loosely twisted together, for serving ropes, bending sails, etc.
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Noun1.spun yarn - (nautical) small stuff consisting of a lightweight rope made of several rope yarns loosely wound together
sailing, seafaring, navigation - the work of a sailor
small stuff - any light rope used on shipboard
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Alec when Rose was there at work, the sewing-room was quite irresistible, and he made himself so agreeable that no one had the heart to drive him away, especially when he read aloud or spun yarns.
Phylo now placed this by her side, full of fine spun yarn, and a distaff charged with violet coloured wool was laid upon the top of it.
Those featured include Turn Acre Ryeland Wool from Halifax with their hand spun yarns from British pedigree Ryeland sheep; All Wool That Ends Wool from Ashtonunder-Lyne with a great selection of bright and colourful hand dyed yarns and The Feminine Touch designer, Sandra Nesbitt, who incorporates local yarns Stylecraft and YarnStories from the Slaithwaite-based Spectrum Yarns into her projects.
Air-conditioned, Spinning shaft with a length of 5-6 m with various inlet and outlet points for the tempered compressed air, Gas heaters for heating the compressed air and suction pumps for removing the exhaust air; - thread take-off, To be installed in the cabin flushed with compressed air, With several take-off rollers and storage device for the spun yarns in wire mesh baskets (optional automatic change of wire mesh baskets).
Bangladesh became the largest importer of spun yarns from India in terms of value in July.
Inspired by nature and woven from hand spun yarns, the Coast rug in oyster is dramatically simple - and the perfect addition to both modern and traditional homes.
All the pattern textures will show up in great detail using firmly spun yarns.
ANN and neural-fuzzy system to forecast the unevenness of ring spun yarns and compared these two methods with regression on the basis of cotton properties and yarn count.
An increase in the percentage of polyester fiber in Cotton/Polyester blended yarns increased twist liveliness in both ring and open-end spun yarns, and consequently enhanced spirality distortion in the single jersey knitted fabrics produced from those yarns [5, 10].
Prior to any testing spun yarns were conditioned under standard conditions of 20 deg C +- 2 deg C and 65% +- 3% relative humidity for 24 h.
Based on data from the Industry Ministry the country has 204 companies operating in spinning industry , but most of them are small producers of spun yarns.
A variety or products are produced with emphasis on value added products like Plied Yarns, Corded Yarns, Core Spun Yarns, Slub Yarns, Compact Yarns, Organic Cotton Yarns, Poly Cotton Yarns, Modal Cotton Yarns, Rayon Cotton Yarns, Zero Twist Yarns, High RKM Yarns for industrial end use, Stretch Twills, Slub fabrics, Fine Count Sheeting etc.