a process for forming nonwoven fabrics, usu. of limited durability, by bonding continuous-filament synthetic fibers immediately after extrusion.
spun′-bond`ed, adj.
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The company's other area of operations, materials technology, provides 43% of sales and produces specialist hygiene and industrial textiles, using spun-bonding non-woven processes, for nappies, personal hygiene, and medical and filtration uses.
About 40% of the nonwovens market uses extruded filaments for melt-blowing and spun-bonding. The dominant materials are polypropylene or PET, which are inherently non-elastic.
1970: Monsanto's patent on spun-bonding nylon (Cerex).
1984: Reifenhauser turnkey spun-bonding lines (Reicofil) offered for sale.
The new die has 110,000 holes, improving speeds on spun-bonding systems to 200 meters per minute.
While it has not yet investigated spun-bonding technology, Mr.
Several fabric formation technologies - such as thermal bonding, spun-bonding, needling, chemical bonding, meld blowing and stitch contaminant.