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I consider young women fixer-uppers - they come in when the country is in desperate need for common sense, for spunkiness, for strength, for nurturing and for knowing how to bring peace in the middle of discord," she added.
Leia Organa (the late Carrie Fisher) commands the screen, as well as her Resistance forces, with the gravitas of hard-won wisdom, the power princess youthful spunkiness having matured into deliberate, knowing movements.
Ask people what they remember about Mary Ann, and the answers are often the same--her spunkiness, her grit, her sense of humor, her tremendous passion for libraries, her advocacy, and her commitment to students--both her own and everyone's--and of course her ubiquitous Nancy Pearl action figure who traveled with her near and far.
Children will adore the extreme indulgence of Sloth and the spunkiness of Radish.
On the positive side, though, Anna proves a striking listener, and Sammy O'Neil caught her spunkiness and sharp attentiveness.
Emma reveals her spunkiness when dealing with awkward social situations and shows growth and maturity when she concludes that she is not the only one dealing with her disability.
She has a very feminine, voluptuous quality," says Madden, "but there's also this spunkiness.
Given her geeky exterior, Garofalo has the look of Scooby-Doo's Velma, the neuroticism of Woody Allen and the spunkiness of Princess Leia.
team who is celebrating 25 years is a woman, a woman with expertise, a strong work ethic, perseverance, and just the right amount of spunkiness.
You get the spunkiness of an Alpine with the kind-hearted, heavy milk production of a Saanen.
I've written previously about naming my current Irish setter Mattie after the young heroine of True Grit, noting that she lives up to the character's willful spunkiness .