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also spur·rey  (spûr′ē, spŭr′ē)
n. pl. spur·ries also spur·reys
Any of several weedy, low-growing herbs of the genera Spergula and Spergularia of the pink family, especially Spergula arvensis native to Europe, having linear whorled leaves and small white flowers.

[Dutch spurrie, from Middle Dutch speurie, probably from Medieval Latin spergula, probably from Latin spargere, to scatter.]
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or spur•rey

(ˈspɜr i, ˈspʌr i)

n., pl. -ries or -reys.
any plant of the genus Spergula, of the pink family, esp. S. arvensis, having white flowers and numerous linear leaves.
[1570–80; < Dutch spurrie, Middle Dutch sporie, speurie, obscurely akin to Medieval Latin spergula, of uncertain orig.]
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