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Audit of the practice of sputum smear examination for patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis in Fiji.
A total of 283 patients, who were positive for direct acid fast bacilli sputum smear microscopy (stained using ZN staining method) and meeting any of the following criteria were recruited: receiving anti tuberculosis treatment, suspected TB treatment failure, or suspected TB relapse cases were included.
The programme focuses on early detection, diagnosis and treatment of new sputum smear positive cases.
Abstract Background: Sputum smear testing for acid fast bacilli is the gold standard for the diagnosis of tuberculosis.
Dr Thuy said that Viet Nam NTP considers the following people for presumptive MDR-TB: people with TB re-treatment history (relapse or treatment failure cases with history of more than a month's anti-TB re-treatment), non-converters (people with TB who do not convert from sputum smear positive to sputum smear negative), people co-infected with TB and HIV co-infection and contacts of MDR-TB patients.
Current treatment standards in most countries require of patients to give sputum at least twice, after which sputum smear microscopy is used to make the diagnosis - a development that is more than a century old.
Optimal tuberculosis case detection by direct sputum smear microscopy: how much better is more?
Dye and his colleagues reported that, with the exception of Africa and Eastern Europe, WHO can achieve its goals with increased application of the Directly Observed Treatment Scheme (DOTS), a public health strategy that includes gaining political commitment, detecting cases based on sputum smear microscopy, utilizing standard short-course therapy with supportive patient management, ensuring regular drug supplies, and standardizing systems for recording cases and reporting outcomes (JAMA 2005;293:2767-75).
The WHO strategy combines case detection through sputum smear microscopy, registration of each patient detected, and standardized multidrug treatment under DOTS.
Sputum smear microscopy is performed in all presumptive TB cases.
A sputum smear-positive TB is defined as a case who meets one of the three sets of conditions: (1) two positive sputum smears by microscopy, (2) one positive sputum smear and 1 positive sputum culture, or (3) 1 positive sputum smear-positive with typical pathology of active TB on a chest X-ray.
17] performed bronchoscopy in 50 patients with suspected active pulmonary tuberculosis who were sputum smear negative or produced no sputum.