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intr.v. squab·bled, squab·bling, squab·bles
To engage in a bad-tempered argument, often over a trivial matter; bicker. See Synonyms at argue.
A noisy quarrel, often about a trivial matter.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin.]

squab′bler n.
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Noun1.squabbler - someone who quarrels about a small matter
malcontent - a person who is discontented or disgusted
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[ˈskwɒbləʳ] Npendenciero/a m/f
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nStreithammel m (inf)
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For many others, however, he was a narrow-minded denominationalist and a squabbler within the Lutheran denomination.
So here's how to spot what type of squabbler you are and how to use your arguing technique to its best advantage...
But maybe the electorate isn't as daft as many (including me) have suggested, for we know that Corbyn and the juvenile squabblers in his excuse for a political party would be even worse!
I overlooked integrity - but with Brexit now in bits, then maybe she thought that any attempts to unite her squabblers and deliver what was promised was not going to happen (which it isn't).
And if a riven Labour government could survive between 1974-79 and John Major's squabblers held on between 1992-97, it's conceivable - even likely?