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An unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon, C30H50, that is the biosynthetic acyclic precursor to tetracyclic steroids such as cholesterol. It is widely found in animals, plants, and fungi and is present in high concentrations in shark liver oil and human sebum.

[New Latin Squalus, shark genus (from its occurrence in the liver oil of sharks) (from Latin squalus, a sea fish) + -ene.]


(Biochemistry) biochem a terpene first found in the liver of sharks but also present in the livers of most higher animals: an important precursor of cholesterol
[C20: from New Latin squalus genus name of the shark]


(ˈskweɪ lin)

an oil, C30H50, intermediate in the synthesis of cholesterol, obtained for use in manufacturing pharmaceuticals.
[1925–30; < New Latin Squal(us) a genus of sharks (the liver of which yields the oil), Latin: a kind of fish + -ene]
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Fluad, which is manufactured using an egg-based process, is formulated with the adjuvant MF59, an oil-in-water emulsion of squalene oil.
Over the past four years, Selfridges has stopped selling or serving any endangered fish in its food halls and restaurants, or selling shark-based squalene (an organic compound obtained from shark liver oil) in its beauty halls.
The 2000 to 50,000 number-average molecular weight polymer contains monocyclic heterocyclic groups such as diketopyrrolopyrrole, squalene, or carotene.
With rich ingredients including chamomile, dew grass and Tahitian seawater extract, apple stem cell and squalene, this is the perfect, at-home facial.
Amaranth seed oil is unsaturated oil that is rich squalene and other protein rich fatty acids that find applications in various end use industries such as cosmetic & personal care, food supplements, pharmaceuticals, aroma (fragrance), and in other applications like feed additives, high grade lubricant additives, and as rubber chemical additives.
Macadamia oil contains palmitoleic acid, squalene, and vitamin E to hydrate the skin and retain moisture for reducing dryness.
ISO tensile bars were soaked in olive oil, squalene, and sun screen and oleic acid for five days at room temperature.
The factors that drive the growth in amaranth seed oil market include the beneficial properties of amaranth oil such as high squalene content, high nutrition value, its skin identical nature, and temperature versatility.
Beauty Ingredients: Alpha lipoic acid soft gels (50 or 100 mg available); Antioxidant Cocktail softgels (contains beta-carotene, carotenoids, vitamins C and E, tocotrienols, curcumin, green tea extract, grape seed extract, CoQ10, selenium, lycopene and lutein); Cerenew skin care nutraceutical with Injuv brand hyaluronic acid, wheat germ oil extract containing naturally-occurring ceramides and biotin; Injuv 9% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid complex softgels; CoQsol Coenzyme Q10 formula; borage oil softgels (500 or 1000 mg available); cod liver oil softgels (vitamins A and D); evening primrose oil softgels (500,1000 or 1300 mg available); squalene (99% pure) softgels (1000 mg available); vitamin E softgels
Organic (major) Triglycerides 30-40% Free fatty acids 15-25% Saturated 50% Monounsaturated 48% Polyunsaturated 2% Wax esters 20-25% Squalene 10-12% Cholesterol 1-3% Cholesterol esters 2-3% eRACE Activity on Commercial Phone Screen Protectors Buffer 0.
Squalene is a major component of human skin lipid and is the single most abundant ozone-reactive constituent (Nicolaides, 1974).