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squall 1

A loud, harsh cry.
intr.v. squalled, squall·ing, squalls
To scream or cry loudly and harshly.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse skvala, to squeal.]

squall′er n.

squall 2

1. A brief sudden violent windstorm, often accompanied by rain or snow.
2. Informal A brief commotion.
intr.v. squalled, squall·ing, squalls
To blow strongly for a brief period.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin.]

squall′y adj.
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Let's hope they are kept well maintained too otherwise it will turn into a squaller. The homeless will need support with the up keeping too."
Taylor Field's writing shows up-close the "smells, squaller and ugliness" of the homeless.