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 (skwā′māt′, skwä′-)
Any of various reptiles of the order Squamata, which includes the lizards, snakes, and worm lizards.
1. Of or relating to reptiles of the order Squamata.
2. Of or relating to squamae.

[New Latin Squāmāta, from Late Latin squāmātus, scaly, from squāma, scale. Adj., sense 2, from Late Latin squāmātus.]


(ˈskweɪ meɪt)

provided or covered with squamae or scales; scaly.
[1820–30; < Late Latin squāmātus. See squama, -ate1]
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Two or more structurally different iso-Hbs are expressed during various developmental stages of squamate reptiles as a regulatory mechanism.
Studies focusing helminth parasites infecting squamate reptiles in Brazil have been increased in the past few years (Bursey et al., 2007; Avila et al., 2010; Avila et al., 2011; Barreto-Lima et al., 2012; Araujo-Filho et al., 2014; Mati et al., 2015).
District Dir lower, primarily sub-tropical, was found more diverse regarding squamate species than the mountainous, temperate Upper Dir.
Identification of fossil squamate reptiles (lizards and snakes) is typically a challenge due to the lack of comprehensive osteological collections of extant taxa.
Our evolutionary genetic analysis of TRPA1 shows that hypoxia-sensitive Pro residue (Pro394 in humans) and hyperoxia-sensitive Cys residues (Cys633 and/or Cys856 in human TRPA1) are conserved in Mus musculus (mouse, mammal), Desmodus rotundus (mammal) and Trichechus manatus latirostris (mammal), but not in Gallus gallus domesticus (chicken, avian), Taeniopygia guttata (avian), Python regius (squamate), Chelonia mydas (testudine), Xenopus toropicalis (amphibian) and Danio rerio (bony fish) (Fig.
Much of our findings are in agreement with those from a number of previous studies which have described the fisher as a generalist carnivore that feeds on a suite of mammalian prey species supplemented with opportunistic exploitation of a variety of birds, squamate reptiles, plant materials, and fungi (De Vos, 1952; Giuliano et al., 1989; Powell, 1993; Martin, 1994; Bowman et al., 2006).
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Like many northern latitude squamate reptiles, rattlesnakes gather (sometimes in large numbers) and overwinter communally in subsurface rock shelters (hibemacula) to escape potentially lethal winter temperatures (St.