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 (skwā′məs, skwä′-) also squa·mose (-mōs′)
1. Covered with or formed of scales; scaly.
2. Resembling a scale or scales; thin and flat like a scale: the squamous cells of the cervix.
3. Of or relating to the thin, platelike part of the temporal bone.

[Latin squāmōsus, from squāma, scale.]

squa′mous·ly adv.
squa′mous·ness n.


(ˈskweɪməs) or


1. (Biology) (of epithelium) consisting of one or more layers of flat platelike cells
2. (Biology) covered with, formed of, or resembling scales
[C16: from Latin squāmōsus, from squāma a scale]
ˈsquamously, ˈsquamosely adv
ˈsquamousness, ˈsquamoseness n


(ˈskweɪ məs)

also squa•mose


1. covered with or formed of squamae or scales.
2. scalelike.
3. of or pertaining to the thin forward and upper portion of the temporal bone of the human skull.
[1535–45; < Latin squāmōsus. See squama, -ous]


, squamulose - A fish or snake can be squamous or squamulose—covered with minute scales.
See also related terms for snake.


a. escamoso-a;
___ cellcélula ___.


adj escamoso
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Squamous pearls and individual cell keratinisation was also noted.
ii) Definite squamous features of keratinization, squamous pearls and/or numerous distinct intercellular bridges;
In cases of squamous cell carcinoma, MUC4 was positively expressed in more well-differentiated tumor cells centrally located in tumor nests, in squamous pearls, and in necrotic areas of the tumor nests, and was weakly expressed or negative in peripheral portions and less differentiated tumor cells in the tumor nests (Figure 2, B).