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 (skwā′myə-lōs′, skwä′-)
1. Having or consisting of minute scales.
2. Of or relating to a lichen having a thallus consisting of numerous squamules.

[Latin squāmula, diminutive of squāma, scale + -ose.]


(ˈskwæmjʊˌləʊs; -ˌləʊz; ˈskweɪ-)
(Biology) (esp of plants or their parts) covered with minute scales
[C19: from Latin squāmula diminutive of squāma a scale]


(ˈskwæm yəˌloʊs, ˈskweɪ myə-)

furnished or covered with tiny scales.
[1840–50; < Latin squāmula small scale (squām(a) scale + -ula -ule) + -ose1]
squamous, squamulose - A fish or snake can be squamous or squamulose—covered with minute scales.
See also related terms for snake.
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Adj.1.squamulose - covered with tiny scales
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
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The species identified in this study are found in different growth-form thallus, foliose, fruticose, crustose, squamulose, gelatinous, leprose, distributed on 15 families (Fig.
And lichens that look like clumps of fish scales are called squamulose.
Of the species located during the inventory, 70 (65%) were crustose, 31 (29%) were foliose, and 7 (6%) of were species of Cladonia with polymorphic thalli comprised of a squamulose primary thallus and fruticose secondary thallus.
Stipe 35-51 X 3-8 mm, central, cylindrical to slightly broader at base; surface dry, slightly fibrillose to scabrose, squamulose below the annulus, white (28A1) at the top to greenish grey (28B2) near base.
Sample 1c: Campsite 40; squamulose lichen on a rock; slides SMLA 14062-14063.
Surface of podetia areolate corticate, with cortex smooth, thin, scaling off to form podetial squamules, often finally becoming largely decorticate, usually moderately to richly squamulose (squamules to 2 x 2-3 mm); distal parts incompletely corticate, scabrose, micro-squamulose to granulose.
Squamulose 49.5 Michener) Lendemer Species Average Cover Freq (d) (SD) (c) Biatoriaceae (<3%) Bacidia campalea (Tuck.) S.
This is a squamulose, soil-growing lichen, forming whitish rosettes, with pruinose lobules lifted at the margins, and light brown discoid apothecia.
Four samples of cryptogams were collected at two sites in the French portion of the island: one moss sample from rocks alongside a tropical forest trail at Loterie Farm (18[degrees]04'40.0"N, 63[degrees]03'40.6"W; 77 m elev.; collected 4 January 2011), and one squamulose lichen and two moss samples from a stone wall alongside Rue de Colombier, a rural road leading to the interior village of Colombier (18[degrees]04'34.3"N, 63[degrees]03'52.5"W; 57 m elev.; collected 6 January, 2011).
Thirty-one species are of the crustose growth form, 27 are foliose, 8 are fruticose and 3 are squamulose. Twenty-six species are considered to be rare, 19 are common, 13 are occasional and 11 are frequent.