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Noun1.square metre - a centare is 1/100th of an are
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
metro cuadrado
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House prices per square metre in Irvine, Ayrshire, have more than doubled in the last five years, rocketing by 140 per cent.
The acquisitions, executed through local subsidiaries, comprise of a 7,400 square metre warehouse/logistics property in Helsingborg, a 2,700 square metre warehouse/logistics property in Stockholm's Marsta area and one 1,100 square metre warehouse/industrial property and one 5,200 square metre retail property in Vasteras.
It increased from Pound 16 per square metre to Pound 17 per square metre per month.
"The initial plan was to have a 25,000-square-metre flag, but when we heard that another country was planning to produce a 60,000 square metre flag, we decided to upgrade ours to 65,650 square metres," he said.
Etalon said it made 109,797 square metres of new contract sales in the quarter, worth RUB9.41 billion, as average prices rose 9% to RUB86,000 a square metre.
Watpac Developments Pty Ltd., possess 85,000 square metre centre, including 50,000 square metre retail site and commercial component of 35,000 square metres, fronts Miles Platting and Gardner Roads.
The average price of an apartment increased from euro1,479 per square metre to euro1,655 per square metre during the first 11 months of 2018.
SOLIHULL is the most expensive town to buy a square metre of property outside London, according to new research.
The advertised properties include a 5,263 square metres field storage in Gialia with a reserve price of e1/4438,000, three plots in Mesogi Paphos with a total area of 587 square metres, 576 square metres and 520 square metres with a respective reserve price of e1/480,000, e1/478,400 and e1/471.600, a demolished basement and ground floor house on a 1,485 square metre plot in Paphos with a reserve price of e1/4736,400, a derelict house with yard with an area of 186 square metres and a demolished house with a cistern with an area of 1,005 square metres with a reserve price of e1/4186,600 for both also in Paphos.
The warm beige of Austin Marfil is a PS10.86 per square metre, down from PS15.70.
THREE areas of the West Midlands are the most expensive outside London, according to a new report into how much one square metre of a property costs.
The successful persons are feeling cheated as the DDA is charging them ` 14,120 per square metre of land under the LIG category against ` 100- 200 per square metre offered in 1981.