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Adj.1.square-shaped - shaped like a square
angulate, angular - having angles or an angular shape
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The officer could come to no conclusion as to the capacity of the head, which was covered by a close cap; but hidden though it was, it seemed to him to be one of the square-shaped kind that gave rise to the expression "square-headed." Genestas was accustomed to read the indications that mark the features of men destined to do great things, since he had been brought into close relations with the energetic natures sought out by Napoleon; so he suspected that there must be some mystery in this life of obscurity, and said to himself as he looked at the remarkable face before him:
The vehicle features square-shaped quad rear lights, a rear end with a small spoiler, and a pair of high-mounted round exhaust outlets.
New styles include 'Angela,' which is an oversized square-shaped frame with a cat's eye detail.
The bar was square-shaped and darkthe kind of dark light that made everyone look better than they did in natural light.
The team continued digging and, when the trenches were connected, they found a square-shaped space, believed to be the central building of the mosque, Yaghmaei said.
Carrom is a game consisting of a square-shaped wooden board, played similarly to billiard, and is very famous in the Gulf region
The lawyer's own Instagram account.<br />Lawyer Lina Franco told the judge that she missed a filing deadline in a wage-and-hour lawsuit because of a family emergency in Mexico City; she even had a flight itinerary that she thought corroborated her story.<br />Then opposing counsel pointed out the square-shaped hole in her story.<br />Instagram photos from Franco's public account showed that she was actually in New York and Miami during the time she claimed she was abroad.
Designs include a square-shaped couplet saying "Dog Brings Prosperity", which has a dogs forming the shape of the character for prosperity.
It's hard to generalize a fit for a specific face, but the general guidelines are: for a round face, usually square-shaped sunglasses work best.
The square-shaped pieces of wax are placed on top of an oil burner with a tea light underneath.
Triangle's friend, Square, lives in a square-shaped rock with a square-shaped door and small, medium and big square-shaped rocks all around.