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Somewhat or almost square.


(ˈskwɛər ɪʃ)

approximately square.
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Adj.1.squarish - somewhat square in appearance or form
square - having four equal sides and four right angles or forming a right angle; "a square peg in a round hole"; "a square corner"
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Now, citing people who know about the upcoming device, Bloomberg reports that the Galaxy Fold 2 will come equipped with a6.7-inch inner display and it can be folded onto itself like a clamshell to become squarish in shape.
The squarish little bun has a kebab in the centre made of beef and lentils.
The white squarish building represents a modern step pyramid architectural style and is flanked by the Prime Minister House on the one side and the Parliament building on the other.
The best-selling styles were inspired by the vintage aviation bags such as the squarish Metropolitan Flight bag with an interior tech pocket and the Dylan Swing bag.
It has a squarish overall style, marked by straight lines that define the windows, roofline, doors, pillars, and fender openings.
The speaker itself comes with a squarish shape and it has a design that's a bit reminiscent of the Google Home Max, but it is not as large.
Several of the works were diptychs, with a small horizontal sheet floating above a larger vertical or squarish one.
A This is a very good-looking wristwatch with a squarish face.
The study was conducted in Faryal Dental College to assess relationship between the inner canthal distance with maxillary central incisor width in squarish, ovoid and tapering face forms by regression analysis and whether it is applicable in selection of maxillary anterior teeth in edentulous patients.
The C3 has the squarish but strong body shape and the Airbumps on the side just like the Cactus, only smaller and more colourful.
It is a squarish shape with a friendly face, tinted rear windows, roof bars and 180mm of ground clearance - handy if you want to take it on rough terrain.