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 (skwŏsh′ē, skwô′shē)
adj. squash·i·er, squash·i·est
1. Easily squashed.
2. Overripe and soft; pulpy.
3. Boggy; marshy: squashy ground.

squash′i·ly adv.
squash′i·ness n.
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We always demanded two bodyguards each and bodyguards in the audience in case there was a surge of uncontrollable squashiness. People getting squidged.' These days, fans are a lot calmer.
Finished in Outback leather, the squashiness of the cushions is tempered by the angularity of the arms and legs, so it fits well with the more geometric elements of the scheme.
COMFORT FACTOR: The sofas in front of the log fire have just the right amount of squashiness to sink into with a book on a winter's afternoon.