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1. One that squeaks.
2. Informal Something, such as an election, that is won, passed, or achieved by the narrowest of margins or at the very last moment.


(ˈskwi kər)

1. a person or thing that squeaks.
2. a game won by a very small margin.
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Noun1.squeaker - any artifact that makes a squeaking sound when used; "those sneakers are squeakers"; "which hinge is the squeaker?"
artefact, artifact - a man-made object taken as a whole
2.squeaker - something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow marginsqueaker - something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin
accomplishment, achievement - the action of accomplishing something


[ˈskwiːkəʳ] N (in toy etc) → chirriador m
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Buoyed by a sellout home crowd at Maba Stadium, Westports Malaysia ended San Miguel-Alab Pilipinas' streak with a 90-89 squeaker on Sunday in the 2018 Asean Basketball League in Kuala Lumpur.
The Grim Squeaker - real name Brian Donnelly - is set to wow the nation with his terrifying act.
On paper, medyo formidable kami, but it's just one thing," Banal insisted after his Skippers' 94-92 squeaker over Zark's Burger-Lycem on opening day.
71 Keep sight of your pet by using an LED collar and leash such as the Squeaker Poochlight.
As the name suggests, this ball has a squeaker inside it, and after months of playing and chewing, not a single squeaker has been silenced nor chewed out of any of the balls.
I wasn't expecting a landslide or a squeaker, but a solid convincing win.
The GOP speaker of the House retains his throne in a 109-104 squeaker over Laurie Sanborn.
Bagpipe, the magnificent but terribly vain black grouse is convinced that Squeaker, the little brown mouse is dull, insignificant and inadequate.
To turn off the squeaker simply push in the button and strap, and to turn on the squeaker just pull out the strap.
Since that squeaker, Couch says, he has met with political leaders, both Republican and Democratic, doctors, "faith leaders" and law enforcement officials, and based on their feedback, he has reworked the proposal.
Keep your furry friend entertained with this bone-shaped chew YOU WILL NEED: Card 1/2 yard of canvas-type fabric Dog toy squeaker (available at pet stores and online) Polyester stuffing Scissors Cotton Sewing machine (or a needle to do by hand) 1 Draw a bone-shaped template on a piece of card, measuring 13 inches long and 5 inches wide (at the widest part).
Former World 8-Ball champion Dennis Orcollo encountered some anxious moments before pulling off a 9-8 squeaker over a gritty Oliver Medenilla at the start of the 2015 MP Cup World 10-ball Championship Tuesday at SM General Santos City.