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a. Easily nauseated or sickened.
b. Nauseated.
2. Easily shocked or disgusted.
3. Excessively fastidious or scrupulous.

[Middle English squeimous, alteration of Anglo-Norman escoymous.]

squea′mish·ly adv.
squea′mish·ness n.
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Adv.1.squeamishly - in a squeamish manner; "`I would rather not touch,' he said squeamishly"
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And yet I almost like the girl, or should if she had been less proudly and squeamishly brought up.
At this he fell to with greater relish than if they had given him francolins from Milan, pheasants from Rome, veal from Sorrento, partridges from Moron, or geese from Lavajos, and turning to the doctor at supper he said to him, "Look here, senor doctor, for the future don't trouble yourself about giving me dainty things or choice dishes to eat, for it will be only taking my stomach off its hinges; it is accustomed to goat, cow, bacon, hung beef, turnips and onions; and if by any chance it is given these palace dishes, it receives them squeamishly, and sometimes with loathing.
Later, after virtually stealing Barabas's wealth in the form of taxes, he piously claims that 'covetousness, O, 'tis a monstrous sin!' (128) and squeamishly distances himself from violence: 'To stain our hands with blood / Is far from us and our profession' (148-9).
Matters worsened when despite Pakistani help in paving the way for a thaw in US-China relations, the Americans behaved squeamishly during the breakup of Pakistan, ushering in the beginning of mutually suspicious camaraderie.
When asked recently to go into the story in more detail, Leavitt squeamishly stepped into the time machine set for Oct.
And more squeamishly beheld, and censured by others, the Kings Subiects.
ONEGIN (Swallows the concoction and grimaces squeamishly) And you prefer the younger girl?
But we're normally a bit too inhibited, squeamishly embarrassed, or cynical to make a big gushy American-style flag-waving fuss about it, except when it comes to sport.
Rather, I seek to correct a residual and somewhat patronizing moralizing strain in Jarrell criticism since Lowell, which still refuses (to my mind squeamishly) to leave us kids at home alone with Uncle Randall's poems.
Though perhaps more squeamishly than Vaillant, Latour also engages in worldly processes to promote spiritual advancement.
In "The Execution of Tropmann," Turgenev dramatizes himself at an execution, squeamishly turning away from a murderer's beheading at the crucial moment.
(Stannard squeamishly acknowledges that the younger Spark may well be correct in his assertion that Muriel was Jewish not just on her father's side, as she claimed, but also on her mother's-traditionally, the side through which Jewish identity is passed on.)