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Noun1.squeezability - the property of being able to occupy less space
softness - the property of giving little resistance to pressure and being easily cut or molded
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These thinner versions of UPM Raflatac's standard PE 85 films offer the same excellent conformability and squeezability and can create a seamless, no-edge look on bottles.
For its Resurrection Tattoo Polish, an All Natural Body Polish designed to make tattoos appear brighter and revive the appearance of dull or fading tattoos, and its Pot de Soie brand Himalayan & Dead Sea Salt Body Polish and Sugar & Silk Body Polish range, Healthy Skin chose custom colored, recyclable, HDPE+LDPE tottles in 130ml capacities for easy squeezability, topped with custom colored flip top caps in PP with an 8mm orifice.
It doesn't have the stunning curvedglass gl gla Gms display of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the incredible slowmotion video capture of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, nor the squeezability of the innovative HTC U11.
Another K 2013 demonstration was a 20 cc hotel amenity bottle using "dual pillar" technology--alternating thin and thick areas around the bottle circumference to provide squeezability as well as rigidity--molded on a SBIII-150N-12 machine in 14 cavities.
Other improvements on PET include the elimination of a pre-drying stage with its cost, time and energy implications; lower processing energy cost overall; and what LyondellBasell terms "quiet squeezability" of the moulded bottle.
Both are currently developing computer simulations of the human hand to better understand grip strength, grip choice and skin friction in relation to 'openability' and 'squeezability' and the ease with which the elderly and disabled can access foodstuffs or medicines.
To be noted is that all the forms discussed by Aristotle here are passive powers, e.g., things like the aptitude to be softened or hardened, the aptitude to be solidified or liquefied, malleability, the aptitude to be bent or straightened, impressibility, plasticity, tractility, squeezability and combustibility.