squeeze bottle

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squeeze′ bot`tle

a flexible plastic bottle the contents of which can be forced out by squeezing.
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The squeeze bottle should be adequately flexible such that by gentle pressure on its sides it expels as much of the cleansing solution as possible.
The chefs normally squirt vodka on the grill with a condiment squeeze bottle and then light it on fire at the end of the culinary show.
A 12-ounce squeeze bottle makes the equivalent of seven quart cartons of broth and has a suggested retail price of $4.
The Squeezo is designed as an easy squeeze bottle which has modernized the Ketchup packaging scene in India.
Insert a bulb syringe, neti pot, or squeeze bottle into your upper nostril, with the end pointing outward toward your ear, and spray/ pour the solution.
For the elements required, you'll need low viscosity baby oil, two buffing/polishing bars, a couple of squeezable plastic bottles wearing needles in their caps, another plastic squeeze bottle that looks like a bellows (when filled and compressed quickly from bottom to top it can knock a fly off a wall six feet away), and a container of mineral spirits.
355 mL) oval squeeze bottle for sauce, 16 and 32 oz.
The Study: In this Australian study, 103 elementary school children (grades one through seven) were observed applying sunscreen three times, each with a different type of dispenser (pump, squeeze bottle, and roll-on).
In its first cross-brand product partnership, Hellmann's has brought out the limited-edition flavor Hellmann's Spicy Buffalo with Frank's RedHot, which combines the creaminess of mayo with Frank's authentically bold Buffalo sauce in a convenient 9-ounce squeeze bottle.
The mustard is available in a 10-ounce squeeze bottle.
If you want a cereal bowl with your favorite college team or a squeeze bottle with a superhero on it, just wait, they'll be making their way to the market any day now.
The offering includes a squeeze bottle, a neti pot, a neti bottle and a water pulsator.