squeeze bottle

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squeeze′ bot`tle

a flexible plastic bottle the contents of which can be forced out by squeezing.
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The new honey GloryBee is set to release this month looks different from the Eugene company's other honey products, which are packaged in glass jars or bear-shaped plastic squeeze bottles.
Whether you have chosen to access the innards of the housing via the trigger adjustment or some other opening, soften up any fouling on the captive components with a couple squeeze bottles full of mineral spirits.
PDC International Corporation introduces its R-250-ERT Shrink Labeler, which was engineered specifically for ovals, squares, rectangles, and squeeze bottles.
67-ounce squeeze bottles with a suggested retail price of $4.
squeeze bottles, allowing the professional to match a full palette of colors quickly and easily.
In 2013, Baton Rouge, Louisiana residents Dee Collier and Scott Carrington launched Better Bottle Top, LLC with a desire to provide consumers with a bottle closure that allows them to stand plastic squeeze bottles with semi solid liquids (such as lotions and shampoos) upside down in order to dispense up to 99% of the bottle contents.
The kits are packaged with two squeeze bottles of phosphate buffer with Saponin two buffer dispensing caps, and two vials of Sodium Hydrosulfite reagent powder.
The lubricant usually recommended for locks is powdered graphite which is sold in small squeeze bottles at most home centers and hardware stores.
Some lines are specialized for squeeze bottles, but they handle multiple squeeze bottles packages, so we're very, very flexible," says Biggi.
LiquiGlide's makers think they can help cut down on the amount of food that gets thrown out, as well as reduce the need for petroleum-based plastics that go into the bigger squeeze bottles.
RPC Containers is seeing growing success for its range of Euro Squeeze bottles, which now includes two extra sizes.
Packaging for consumers [focuses on] ease of use, like squeeze bottles and jars.