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Noun1.squeeze box - a portable box-shaped free-reed instrumentsqueeze box - a portable box-shaped free-reed instrument; the reeds are made to vibrate by air from the bellows controlled by the player
free-reed instrument - a wind instrument with a free reed
keyboard instrument - a musical instrument that is played by means of a keyboard
clavier, piano keyboard, fingerboard - a bank of keys on a musical instrument
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Saw the guy on his bike with the cigarette stubs/packets and had to listen to the old lady with the squeeze box on the walls.
Best boxed or special limited edition package: "Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of 'Weird Al' Yankovic"
As the "Mighty Atom", he attempted to entertain the tough audience at Bilston's Theatre Royal by singing, dancing and playing the squeeze box.
Otterspool Promenade 9.50am - The Waltones; 10.40am - Puppet Theory; 11.30am - Squeeze Box; 1.10pm - The Media; 2.10pm - Irwell; 3pm - Shoot the Symphony.
He made history in January when he became the first squeeze box player to be crowned BBC Radio Scotland's Young Traditional Musician of the Year.
I must say, up front, as my American friends would say, that I am not a great fan of the 'squeeze box', or accordion.
I love a violin, Uilleann pipes, a tin whistle, a guitar and an aul squeeze box, just not all at the same time.
And yet there's something missing from the band of old, with Netta Skog and her trademark squeeze box, plus towering bass player Hannes Horma, leaving holes in what many fans had come to view as a classic line-up.
SHE was sandwiched between a man singing You Are My Heart's Desire and a woman who played the squeeze box on the talent show of the day, Opportunity Knocks.
For me, choreographing functions a little like Temple Grandin's "squeeze box." This wonder, also called a "hug machine," was invented by Ms.
Signs on the outside of the black Ford A sedan, which he calls "Old Nellie," read, "Longest driven A `In the USA' Hell, I was there!" and "Squeeze Box Favorites" for his traveling accordion show.
SQUEEZE BOX: Rolf Harris on stage at the festival with his accordion