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An accordion.
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Another co-write between singer Ruth Patterson and accordion player 'Squeezebox' Rosie Bristow, Upside Down is inspired by the travelling circuses of North-east England.
They're simple, effective, sung from the soul and feature the ensemble providing backing that varies from a squeezebox and piano to simply thumping out a rhythm on a hard surface.
So far at LEAP's office in Lochwinnoch, they've received two guitars and a squeezebox and Jen is hopeful there will be plenty more instruments by the time Pass it On Week finishes on Sunday.
IT was a casual invitation to play together at a folk festival in 2016 which bought violinist Peter Knight and squeezebox player John Spiers together.
Some of the older speakers, like the B&O BeoSound 5 and the Logitech Squeezebox, can still support Spotify streaming by connecting a smartphone via Bluetooth.
What would AD/DC sound like on a squeezebox? Find out with The Glaas Walkers, a local band with a twist.
This creates a kind of a "trembling" sound for squeezebox instruments, harmonica and melodica.
Each of the bands featured here have their own story, such as Mountain Ash's Squeezebox who carried on even after the unfortunate death of their drummer, just as they finished recording their debut album in 2000.
My father played the squeezebox and I have still got it at home." Despite being in the business for more than 40 years, Christie says he will still feel the pressure when he steps out on the Bord Gais Energy Theatre stage on July 17.
The recently assembled Sheffield-based trio of Martin Simpson (guitars/banjo/vocals), Nancy Kerr (fiddle/vocals) and squeezebox virtuoso Andy Cutting have a brand-new 12-track album, Murmurs (Topic Records), to showcase their collective talents when they play Sage Gateshead's Hall Two on Saturday night.
It will use Andy Vine''s powerful political cartoons and animation; puppetry and musical arrangements by folk singer and squeezebox player John Kirkpatrick of the songs and rallying hymns of the Dorset labouring classes that resound down the years.
A caver built this squeezebox in the challenge course to practice moving carefully through a tight place.