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v. squelched, squelch·ing, squelch·es
1. To subdue forcibly: squelch a revolt.
2. To inhibit or suppress: squelch a rumor; squelch one's anger.
3. Archaic To crush by trampling.
To produce a splashing, squishing, or sucking sound, as when walking through ooze.
1. A squishing sound.
2. An electric circuit that cuts off a radio receiver when the signal is too weak for reception of anything but noise.

[Probably imitative.]

squelch′er n.
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Adj.1.squelched - subdued or overcome; "the quelled rebellion"; "an uprising quenched almost before it started"; "a squelched rumor"
suppressed - kept from public knowledge by various means;
References in classic literature ?
He extracted great happiness from squelching her, and she squelched easily these days, though it had been different in the first years of their married life, before the brood of children and his incessant nagging had sapped her energy.
The grass began to get squashy, and Kala Nag's feet sucked and squelched as he put them down, and the night mist at the bottom of the valley chilled Little Toomai.
His feet squelched in the pud- dles left by his industry.
Perhaps the cold uprooting squelched it, move well intentioned,
I had a lisp as a child, it's all these things that made me different and I tried to squelch and then once I realized I had squelched them I didn't feel like myself anymore," she added.
Afterwards he jumped out and squelched off down New Street to the Bullring (as I followed out of curiosity).
He wasn't the only one whose words were squelched by the orchestra: Ziskind's efforts to eliminate laundry lists of thank-you's in acceptance speeches unfortunately didn't succeed, with the result being yet another crop of fairly tepid speeches.
Bradford Mela soon resembled Glastonbury as my feet squelched through the grass and my skirt became caked in mud.
The Royal Maces of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 27 and the VFA-102 Diamondbacks quickly squelched any concern about Rhino-only tanking during some bad weather days at the beginning of deployment.
But as an elegy for human contacts squelched and put away--and a tribute to forgiveness, no matter how delayed--A Slight Trick of the Mind is an achievement.
But they were the major offenders--twice as likely as non-physicians to dismiss a query about a medication (two thirds of the ISMP survey respondents said they'd been squelched by the retort, "Just give what I prescribed" at least once during the year) and quick with threats to report someone to a manager for having the temerity to vocalize even a moment's doubt about a doctor's acumen.
Since the report rebuts everything Bush and his associates have been saying, it will probably be squelched.