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v. squelched, squelch·ing, squelch·es
1. To subdue forcibly: squelch a revolt.
2. To inhibit or suppress: squelch a rumor; squelch one's anger.
3. Archaic To crush by trampling.
To produce a splashing, squishing, or sucking sound, as when walking through ooze.
1. A squishing sound.
2. An electric circuit that cuts off a radio receiver when the signal is too weak for reception of anything but noise.

[Probably imitative.]

squelch′er n.
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Adj.1.squelched - subdued or overcome; "the quelled rebellion"; "an uprising quenched almost before it started"; "a squelched rumor"
suppressed - kept from public knowledge by various means;
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He extracted great happiness from squelching her, and she squelched easily these days, though it had been different in the first years of their married life, before the brood of children and his incessant nagging had sapped her energy.
As for being a Christian, I was that, I hope and believe, when you were crawling about the floor in petticoats.' THAT squelched him, believe ME.
The grass began to get squashy, and Kala Nag's feet sucked and squelched as he put them down, and the night mist at the bottom of the valley chilled Little Toomai.
I was utterly squelched. And to think that I had twice protected her from attack--the last time risking my life to save hers.
His feet squelched in the pud- dles left by his industry.
Malacanang on Thursday squelched reports that President Duterte was rushed to the hospital.
Her family and friends immediately squelched the false information and are updating the public from time to time on the actress' condition.
A workman called to the flat to check it out squelched across carpets he believes were soaked with blood.
Perhaps the cold uprooting squelched it, move well intentioned,
Instead they deposit them on the ground where they last for an interminable length of time before being squelched open on to the feet of young children.
I had a lisp as a child, it's all these things that made me different and I tried to squelch and then once I realized I had squelched them I didn't feel like myself anymore," she added.