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n. pl. squeteague
1. See weakfish.
2. Any of several fishes related to the weakfish.

[Of Algonquian origin; akin to Mohegan cheegut.]


n, pl -teague or -teagues
(Animals) any of various sciaenid food fishes of the genus Cynoscion, esp C. regalis, of the North American coast of the Atlantic Ocean
[C19: from Narraganset pesukwiteag, literally: they give glue; so called because glue is made from them]



n., pl. -teagues, (esp. collectively) -teague.
an Atlantic croaker, Cynoscion regalis.
[1795–1805, Amer.; < southeastern New England Algonquian]
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In September, a new record of 202 black bears was set during the early season harvest while false albacore and squeteague fishermen had one of the best seasons in years.
Bluefish are following menhaden, mullet and bay anchovy schools there, and Narragansett Bay continues to experience one of the best squeteague years in memory.