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or squir·ar·chy (skwīr′är′kē)
n. pl. squire·ar·chies or squir·ar·chies
The landed gentry considered as a group or class.

Squiry, Squirary, Squirarchy

 a company of squires.
Examples: new tally of squiry, 1327; a scant of squirary, 1475.
References in classic literature ?
Everybody was talking about the powerful speech against squirarchy which he had just delivered; even in the Fisher circle everybody talked about it except Horne Fisher himself who sat in a corner, lowering over the fire.
To stiffen Turkish resolve von Falkenhayn also had at his disposal what he called his 'corset staves': small detachments of German machine-gunners, aircraft and Austro-Hungarian artillery against which the fox hunting squirarchy who commanded the English yeomanry regiments would mount a successful if costly Balaclava style charge.
The Squire does not labor, since the squirarchy which he represents is maintained from rents paid by tenants.