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intr.v. squirmed, squirm·ing, squirms
1. To twist about in a wriggling, snakelike motion; writhe.
2. To feel or exhibit signs of humiliation or embarrassment.
1. The act of squirming.
2. A squirming movement.

[Origin unknown.]

squirm′er n.
squirm′y adj.
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adj, squirmier or squirmiest
1. moving with a wriggling motion
2. making one squirm
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CHECK EASILY MISSED AREAS WITH squirmy children, it's easy to miss patches when applying sunscreen.
It can help tired, squirmy kids to stay focused and get their homework finished.
WE know it's not easy putting sunscreen on squirmy kids, but new research has revealed Britain's parents could be doing a better job of protecting their children's skin in the sunshine.
They speculated that this irregularity could be attributed to "the small, round shape of the seat and the squirmy behavior of a toddler," because the typical arciform distribution was not present.
The most successful patterns this week were blobs, Yellow Owl, Yellow Dancer, Cat's Whisker and Squirmy Worms.
Of course, nudging Mom and Dad to start that squirmy discussion is another matter entirely.
However, when it's someone close to me, I get squirmy. I don't like the process for them because it scares me.
Then, as now, J-Frame service stocks are on the skimpy side and smooth ones can get kinda "squirmy."
Deeply thinking about all these issues causes me a squirmy discomfort--too close to the bone, too shameful, too systemic--and I think most responsible coffee professionals from consuming countries can relate.
And because I had already played a sight-word Chutes and Ladders-type board game with Eddie, I knew he had a mind of his own (e.g., he "cheated" by moving his piece extra squares to land on a ladder) and a body that was extra squirmy and fidgety, probably the reason he couldn't focus on his story during class time.
While holding her in your lap might sound like a great idea at first, many kittens get squirmy pretty quickly.