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Adj.1.squirrel-sized - having the approximate size of a squirrel
sized - having a specified size
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By FO, the majority of scat samples contained vole-sized (CI = 67-78%) and squirrel-sized mammals (41-53%), which were proportionally different (P < 0.01) (Table 1).
With the heavier hunting-type pellets it will do well over 800 fps, which is more than enough to kill squirrel-sized animals.
regisg at nwy hy In Conwy, there are seven vipers, while in Denbighshire there are keeping 60 bison, a spider monkey and one tamarin - a squirrel-sized monkey native to South America.
For instance, 1 was once outside of Nha Trang, Vietnam, with a farmer who had just shot a squirrel-sized marsupial out of a banana tree with an air-rifle.
Recoil is very mild in both the .22 and 9mm versions due to the all-steel construction of the gun, and the accuracy is more than adequate for small game hunting out to say, 25 or 35 yards for rabbits and squirrel-sized game, or out to probably 50 yards for coyotes, ground hogs and similar.
A squirrel-sized tree house was constructed and a motion control camera was used to capture the realistic visuals for nutsforfirsttech.com .
"The plan is that, over the coming months they will be joined by other members of the marmoset family and tamarin monkeys to create a colony of squirrel-sized new world primates."
I hit just under the squirrel-sized rock on the first shot, and connected with the second shot.
BEAUTIFUL squirrel-sized primate, which lives in trees and feeds on fruit, nectar and insects.