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 (skwûr′ə-lē, skwŭr′-)
adj. Slang
Eccentric, nervous, or crazy.
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1. like or typical of a squirrel in appearance or behaviour
2. informal censorious US very nervous, sensitive, strange, or unpredictable
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or squir•rel•y

(ˈskwɜr ə li, ˈskwʌr-; esp. Brit. ˈskwɪr-)

Slang. eccentric; flighty.
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If it gets squirrelly on rollout, brakes may not handle it; power and air over the tail and perhaps a go-around are more likely to be successful.
The Fed's balance sheet expanded to about $4.5 trillion, from less than $900 billion before the crisis, thanks to the purchase of squirrelly assets from Wall Street.
Click here to read part 1, which looked at the criminal exploits of the violent, mob-connected Jimmy "The Gent" Burke.<br />The squirrelly, slightly built, bug-eyed Marty Krugman advertised his men's only wig business via tacky ads on late-night TV in the late 1970s.
Eric Schaeffer, founder of the group that obtained the records, called the justifications for some of the trips back home "a little squirrelly." "You can't do what you can do as maybe a corporate lawyer," as head of the EPA, Schaeffer said.
However, the increased speed made the setup a little squirrelly. He shot OK with it, but he really wanted something comparable to what he had used in the past.
But just so I can enjoy telling folk the story, I plan to design a fly that uses red squirrel in the wing, a rust-coloured body with a wee white bib and a shiny black nose - as squirrelly looking as possible.
Yet Warren has remarked that her titles are intentional red herrings, and her "Hadeans," invariably described as Giacomettiesque, on closer inspection reveal themselves to be rather squirrelly and coy, diverging from both Giacometti's pathos and the primordial Sturm und Drang of their namesake period.
Normally a gun without some muzzle heaviness will aim a bit squirrelly, but the FG42 holds rock steady.
While bees have the potential to build squirrelly comb on any style of frame, the potential for off-center, undulating comb of varied widths is greater when you go foundation-free.
"I hit a couple of squirrelly shots there," he said.
When it came to the actual killing of deer--the main point of our annual deer camp--he became a little squirrelly. Each year he'd give us a new set of antler restrictions and a "don't shoot pictorial," but basically, his rules were "Don't shoot anything except a mature doe (depending on which stand you were in) because it might ruin the property's big buck potential and therefore ruin the hunting."
Our AFCS control panel spit out a slew of failures, and we felt the aircraft controls become squirrelly, with the nose wandering up and down in pitch and mucking about in roll.