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 (skwûr′ə-lē, skwŭr′-)
adj. Slang
Eccentric, nervous, or crazy.




1. like or typical of a squirrel in appearance or behaviour
2. informal censorious US very nervous, sensitive, strange, or unpredictable


or squir•rel•y

(ˈskwɜr ə li, ˈskwʌr-; esp. Brit. ˈskwɪr-)

Slang. eccentric; flighty.
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Eric Schaeffer, founder of the group that obtained the records, called the justifications for some of the trips back home "a little squirrelly.
However, the increased speed made the setup a little squirrelly.
But just so I can enjoy telling folk the story, I plan to design a fly that uses red squirrel in the wing, a rust-coloured body with a wee white bib and a shiny black nose - as squirrelly looking as possible.
If you are starting to feel a little squirrelly, you are not alone.
To help overcome the squirrelly handling, the span of the horizontal tail was increased by eight inches.
I hit a couple of squirrelly shots there," he said.
When it came to the actual killing of deer--the main point of our annual deer camp--he became a little squirrelly.
Rapid direction changes are possible without the bike feeling as if it's going to get squirrelly and spit you off and with a bit of practice you can really lean on that front wheel, the feedback of the feather-light chassis really inspiring a lot of confidence.
Read about some squirrelly guy who claims that he just don't believe in fighting, and I wonder how long the rest of us can count on being free.
National Nut Day Remember to share with squirrelly pals
Now, there is always a period where the boys and girls in the game don't have all of the info and have to rely on training and instinct, but this one got so squirrelly so fast, it seems to this old timer like the best course of action would have been to get that flying machine on terra firma and sort out everything else with the steed tied down and an adult beverage in hand.