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v. squirt·ed, squirt·ing, squirts
1. To flow from a narrow opening in a thin forceful stream or jet; spurt.
2. To issue in a thick flow: A dab of toothpaste squirted from the tube.
3. To eject liquid in a forceful stream or thick flow: squeezed the lemon till it squirted.
4. To move in a sudden dart or burst: "The pigeon squirted out of the old man's hand into the cage" (E. Annie Proulx).
1. To eject (liquid) forcibly in a thin stream from a narrow opening.
2. To squeeze out or extrude in a thick flow: squirted a bead of caulk into the crack.
3. To wet with a spurt of liquid.
1. The act of squirting.
2. An instrument, such as a syringe, used for squirting.
3. A squirted jet of liquid.
4. Slang
a. A small or young person.
b. An insignificant or contemptible person.

[Middle English squirten, possibly of Middle Dutch or Middle Low German origin; akin to Low German swirtjen.]

squirt′er n.
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Noun1.squirter - plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts watersquirter - plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with


[ˈskwɜːtəʳ] Natomizador m
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The significant feature will be a "smokescreen" device to save the car from "hostile pursuers" and an oil squirter to throw imaginary oil slick on suspects.
Perfect for a hot summer's day, the kids can enjoy 10 differing pieces of water equipment, operated by sensory touch pads, such as sprinklers, jet sprays, tipping bucket, geyser squirter and more.
Fox fisherman's jacket, PS39, Jojo Maman Bebe My First JCB bath squirter, PS4.99 each, Amazon.co.uk Personalised chair, PS9.99, Studio.co.uk
Intake temperature * Does more carefully [up arrow], Engine controlled piston speed [up arrow] * Oil cooling via modulating consumption rate[up arrow] piston oil squirter * Soot production (due jets at particular to specific operating engine loads help conditions) [up arrow] mitigate modern * Low Speed operation to problems via an impact generate deposits in the on deposit formation?
"I think it's awesome,'' pugilist/water squirter Shawn Thornton said.
I'll melt the hole and as it burns to two inches indiameter, I spray water on it with a squirter (otherwise the plastic will keep burning).
Visitors can also try their luck with the 'elasticated squirter' - a unique water piston that uses elastic potential energy - and crank up two fast-moving propellers for the Flyer exhibit, which links with the Hurricane and Spitfire fighter planes already on display in the main museum building.
Continuous on-line ultrasonic thickness gauging is done by coupling the sound beam into the test piece through a water column generated by a squirter probe.
The GTX330ES, which has extended squirter output, will not receive ADS-B traffic data.
The squirter seen here likely has a defective tear-duct valve that allows him to move liquid in the reverse direction--from his nose to his eye.
Through experience, 1-15 IN developed several TTPs that were proven effective in managing "squirter control."
The bloke who put out the flame in London has been offered a job with the fire brigade, as they haven't seen a human being use a squirter so fast since Joan of Arc.