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v. squirt·ed, squirt·ing, squirts
1. To flow from a narrow opening in a thin forceful stream or jet; spurt.
2. To issue in a thick flow: A dab of toothpaste squirted from the tube.
3. To eject liquid in a forceful stream or thick flow: squeezed the lemon till it squirted.
4. To move in a sudden dart or burst: "The pigeon squirted out of the old man's hand into the cage" (E. Annie Proulx).
1. To eject (liquid) forcibly in a thin stream from a narrow opening.
2. To squeeze out or extrude in a thick flow: squirted a bead of caulk into the crack.
3. To wet with a spurt of liquid.
1. The act of squirting.
2. An instrument, such as a syringe, used for squirting.
3. A squirted jet of liquid.
4. Slang
a. A small or young person.
b. An insignificant or contemptible person.

[Middle English squirten, possibly of Middle Dutch or Middle Low German origin; akin to Low German swirtjen.]

squirt′er n.
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Adj.1.squirting - propelled violently in a usually narrow stream
running - (of fluids) moving or issuing in a stream; "as mountain stream with freely running water"; "hovels without running water"
References in classic literature ?
The heavy smell was replaced by the smell of aromatic vinegar, which Kitty with pouting lips and puffed-out, rosy cheeks was squirting through a little pipe.
Permission was granted, and in answer of Deesa's shrill yell, the mighty tusker swung out of the shade of a clump of trees where he had been squirting dust over himself till his master should return.
The pilgrims had opened with their Winchesters, and were simply squirting lead into that bush.
When Tess had changed her bonnet for a hood, and was really on her stool under the cow, and the milk was squirting from her fists into the pail, she appeared to feel that she really had laid a new foundation for her future.
Astonished at the sight, I leaned forward to pick it off, when, to my horror, it burst between my finger and thumb, squirting blood in every direction.
Haskell reacted to the water squirting by grabbing Marler around the throat, and was duly sin-binned, in Saturday's league clash at the Ricoh.
Cody and two friends were squirting each other when the postman pulled up in Trebanog, Glam.
com/news/news-of-record/2016/12/man-arrested-for-several-counts-of-public-masterbation-and-menacing/) squirting them on the back with the fluids.