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tr.v. squooshed, squoosh·ing, squoosh·es Informal
To squash or squeeze.


squoosh′y adj.


adj, squooshier or squooshiest
soft and squashy
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Also included was a series of three works titled "Big Bang (actual size)," made between 2012 and 2015, showing squooshy biomorphic orbs recalling Dunham's earlier paintings of planets and suns, and Culture as a Verb, 2013-15, in which a squooshy biomorphic orb threatens to swallow a tree like those in the garden scenes.
At once a piece of art and a squooshy pillow, the NotKnot comes in a variety of colors and configurations.
Many new parents may feel silly talking to their infant as if she were capable of conversation (after all, aren't babies just squooshy bundles of mostly joy?), but studies have proven that conversing with a child, even a newborn, helps develop language skills later on.