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v. stabbed, stab·bing, stabs
1. To pierce or wound with or as if with a pointed weapon.
2. To plunge (a pointed weapon or instrument) into something.
3. To make a thrusting or poking motion at or into: stabbed the air with his fingers.
1. To thrust with or as if with a pointed weapon: stabbed at the food with her fork.
2. To inflict a wound with or as if with a pointed weapon.
1. A thrust with a pointed weapon or instrument.
2. A wound inflicted with or as if with a pointed weapon.
3. A sudden piercing pain.
4. An attempt; a try: made a stab at the answer.
stab (someone) in the back
To harm (someone) by treachery or betrayal of trust.

[Middle English stabben.]

stab′ber n.
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Noun1.stabber - someone who stabs another personstabber - someone who stabs another person  
aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - someone who attacks
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So the other Sahib, first smiting his own man senseless, smote the stabber with a short gun which had rolled from the first man's hand.
So long as knight and baron were a strength and a guard to the kingdom they might be endured, but now, when all men knew that the great battles in France had been won by English yeomen and Welsh stabbers, warlike fame, the only fame to which his class had ever aspired, appeared to have deserted the plate-clad horsemen.
'If this house was blazing from the roof to the ground,' she returned, 'I would stay in it to justify myself against my righteous motives being classed with those of stabbers and thieves.'
Dylan Elliott, 22, told cops: "It's no a knife, it's a stabber," when he was stopped in Paisley town centre.
Jessica's stabber reluctantly brings together the two women, who must work out their differences before the deadly mystery man decides to hurt someone again.
Insiders said she was gutted to lose her easy life but jail bosses feared the psycho stabber would carry out a similar attack on West after saying: "I'll kill that b***."
We all knew that glam Gill lawyer was a bummer, but fa kint the PC wifie in the red hair would be a stabber? The best thing on telly since The Sweeney - when we actually always managed to follow the story, Google (nae invented) free!
The CJP asked why Hussain was named as the stabber after five days since the accident.
It sentenced the main defendant - the stabber - to one year in jail and fined him Dh 5,000, to be followed by deportation.
Summary: Anonymous stabber targeted six women in Suez, prompting a manhunt