adj. stab·bi·er, stab·bi·est Informal
1. Having a point or a sharp edge that is capable of causing a stab wound: "stabby bones that shoot out of his knuckles" (Andrew Pulver).
2. Annoyed or angry: "When I was feeling a bit stabby I could always ring up Norm Mailer and he'd talk me down" (Colson Whitehead).
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When asked about her proudest moment in the show, Wilson said, "One of the stabbings had to be especially 'stabby' and gruesome." The challenge in depicting such violence aurally, she said, is that you want it to be "not so gruesome that it will take away from the show, but just gruesome enough to be believable."
Her second show at the Civic Hall is Shame Pig, in which she discusses stabby stepmothers and alcohol issues as she wallows in her own shame.
Stabby -- A protective vest worn by officers in the hope it will minimise the risk of being stabbed
Stine paperback: this time, the babysitter is the killer, taking part in a Satanic ritual with a bunch of snarky, stabby teens a fact the babysittee is horrified to discover when he stays up past his bedtime, and must now counteract with only his wits and strategic use of household items.
The first issue sees Wade travelling to a castle filled with stabby ninjas in his quest to beat the rest.
This stabby period drama is set aboard a flying ship, peopled both by casual bystanders and undercover killers, but while the murderers are all human players each randomly wandering non-combatant is AI controlled.
And where Colossus was a spartan affair (find monster, climb monster, stabby monster), Extinction demands you juggle a cavalcade of responsibilities.
carry." Tuffwriter claims that its pens are the "best American made, CNC machined, tactical pens on the market." I don't know about that, I have not performed any vigorous torture testing of tactical pens, but I can say that these are the nicest-looking pens I've ever seen designed specifically to be serviceable when you're feeling a little stabby. They're maybe the nicest-looking pens I've ever seen, period.
She plays Cora Tannetti, the stabby mum who's married to Mason (Christopher Abbott).
In "( Trip to Stabby Town ," Lucifer and Ella developed a close working and personal relationship after the lead character employed the latter's help in searching for Azrael's deadly blade. @FuzzCookies: It's when surrounded by student hipsters, their stupid leggings and inane laughter I realise why I felt so stabby at uni and quit.
People say Friedkin's Cruising is a damaged movie, but at least the men in that one get to have some fun before the serial killer gets all stabby.