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sta·ble 1

adj. sta·bler, sta·blest
a. Resistant to change of position or condition; not easily moved or disturbed: a house built on stable ground; a stable platform.
b. Not subject to sudden or extreme change or fluctuation: a stable economy; a stable currency.
c. Maintaining equilibrium; self-restoring: a stable aircraft.
2. Enduring or permanent: a stable peace.
a. Consistent or dependable: She has been stable in her support for the project.
b. Not showing or marked by erratic or volatile emotions or behavior: He remained stable even after he lost his job.
4. Physics Having no known mode of decay; indefinitely long-lived. Used of atomic particles.
5. Chemistry Not easily decomposed or otherwise modified chemically.

[Middle English, from Old French estable, from Latin stabilis; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

sta′ble·ness n.
sta′bly adv.

sta·ble 2

a. A building for the shelter and feeding of certain domestic animals, especially horses.
b. A group of animals lodged in such a building.
a. All the racehorses belonging to a single owner or racing establishment.
b. The personnel employed to keep and train such a group of racehorses.
3. A group, as of athletes or entertainers, under common management: a stable of prizefighters.
v. sta·bled, sta·bling, sta·bles
To put or keep in a stable.
To live in a stable.

[Middle English, from Old French estable, from Latin stabulum, stable, standing place; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]
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 a stand or halt of armed men, 1450.
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Adv.1.stably - in a stable solid fixed manner; "the boulder was balanced stably at the edge of the canyon"
2.stably - in a stable unchanging manner; "the death rate in Russia has been stably high"
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The bank has accumulated earnings stably by controlling credit costs and strengthened its capital base steadily.
Japan's monetary authorities, which used 14.83 trillion yen through market intervention to arrest a sharp rise of the yen in 2004, did not intervene in currency markets in 2005 as the yen moved stably against the U.S.
Cells are stably transformed with an HBV genome under control of an operator/promoter target sequence which can activate expression of the HBV genome when bound by a cognate transactivator protein.
Moreover, the hole reached its lowest ozone levels earlier than expected, and -- in sharp contrast to recent years -- has not been stably centered over the South Pole, but instead has wobbled erratically about the Antarctic skies.
1 to 3 reactors to a stable condition known as a ''cold shutdown,'' in which water temperatures inside the reactors are stably brought below 100 C.
In JCR's view, the company can earn a profit more stably and improve its financial structure over the medium term.
The bellwether Nikkei Stock Average moved stably above 10,000 in September, about 30% higher than the 20-year low of 7,607.88 marked April 28.
Instead of sticking and then slipping as they had done before the last great earthquakes, the two blocks are now sliding continuously and stably, in a process alled aseismic subduction.
JCR will watch prudently whether the Company can sustain its profit and cash flow levels stably, which increased in fiscal 2009, and will incorporate such factors in the rating.