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1. An orderly pile, especially one arranged in layers: a stack of newspapers. See Synonyms at heap.
2. A large, usually conical pile of straw or fodder arranged for outdoor storage.
3. Computers A section of memory and its associated registers used for temporary storage of information in which the item most recently stored is the first to be retrieved.
4. A group of three rifles supporting each other, butt downward and forming a cone.
a. A chimney or flue.
b. A group of chimneys arranged together.
6. A vertical exhaust pipe, as on a ship or locomotive.
7. stacks
a. An extensive arrangement of bookshelves.
b. The area of a library in which most of the books are shelved.
8. A stackup.
9. An English measure of coal or cut wood, equal to 108 cubic feet (3.06 cubic meters).
10. Informal A large quantity: a stack of work to do.
v. stacked, stack·ing, stacks
1. To arrange in a stack; pile.
2. To load or cover with stacks or piles: stacked the dishwasher.
a. Games To prearrange the order of (a deck of cards) so as to increase the chance of winning.
b. To prearrange or fix unfairly so as to favor a particular outcome: tried to stack the jury.
4. To direct (aircraft) to circle at different altitudes while waiting to land.
To form a stack: Make sure the boxes stack neatly against the wall.
Phrasal Verb:
stack up Informal
1. To measure up or equal: Their gift doesn't stack up against his.
2. To make sense; add up: Her report just doesn't stack up.

[Middle English stak, pile, heap, haystack, from Old Norse stakkr.]

stack′a·ble adj.
stack′er n.
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(ˈstæk ə bəl)

stacked easily.
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Then browse through the collection of stackable bracelets, or as Pretty Peacock refers to them, “Stacks of Soul.” The stackable bracelets ( come with 6 bangle bracelets in a mix of antique copper, antique gold, antique silver, and bright silver, 1 rhinestone bracelet, 1 charm adorned with the ever-spiritual lotus flower and text and a Pretty Peacock tag charm.
The company makes pervasive use of many types of reusables for storing, handling and shipping parts and materials, including tarps, straight-wall stackable plastic crates, plastic collapsible containers and trays.
Counties first in UK to trial new waste system THOUSANDS of households are to become the UK's first to trial a wheeled stackable bin system in a bid to ramp up recycling rates.
SAVE those boring white airtight boxes for leftovers and really pack a punch at your next picnic with a fun and functional stackable tiffin box - the practical and fun way to dine outdoors.
Worldwide Computer Products News-1 February 2008-D-Link introduces DGS-3100 24-port Layer2 Gigabit Stackable PoE Switch(C)1995-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The T-Box is a compact alternative to stackable power distributor sets, and its contact insert has two screw connections per terminal for looping the power cable.
The stackable design helps save space in the refrigerator, and the clear lid makes it easier to identify the contents.
The TigerSwitch 10/100 L2 24-Port Managed Switch is stackable up to eight high, all of which can be managed under a single IP address.
Streamlined and stackable, it can also be used for extendable row seating without the need for any fiddly accessories.
The MultiRack is lightweight, stackable, and designed to hold 3 mm, 16 mm, or 25-30 mm tubes.
With the Scalar 100, users install new drives and capacity themselves in less than 10 minutes -- so they avoid all the mess of 'stackable' libraries that force users to disassemble rack systems, install complex and unreliable pass-through mechanisms, and pay for extra robotics.
This years MPMA 2000 saw the company scoop the gold award in the 'Processed Food' category for their new 99 by 119mm and 99 by 175mm easily stackable 'necked in' cans.