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A deployment of aircraft circling an airport at designated altitudes while awaiting instructions to land.



1. a more or less orderly pile or heap.
2. a large, usu. conical, circular, or rectangular pile of hay, straw, or the like.
3. Often, stacks. a set of shelves for books ranged compactly one above the other, as in a library.
4. stacks, the part of a library in which books and other holdings are stored.
5. a number of chimneys or flues grouped together.
7. a great quantity or number.
8. a radio antenna consisting of a number of components connected in a substantially vertical series.
9. a linear list, as in a computer, arranged so that the last item stored is the first item retrieved.
10. a conical, free-standing group of three rifles placed on their butts and hooked together.
11. a group of airplanes circling over an airport awaiting their turns to land.
12. an English measure for coal and wood, equal to 108 cubic feet (3 cu. m).
a. a given quantity of chips that can be bought at one time, as in poker.
b. the quantity of chips held by a player at a given point.
14. to pile, arrange, or place in a stack.
15. to cover or load with something in stacks or piles.
16. to arrange or select unfairly in order to force a desired result: to stack a jury.
17. to keep (incoming airplanes) flying in circles over an airport where conditions prevent immediate landings.
18. to be arranged in or form a stack.
19. stack up,
a. to control the flight patterns of airplanes waiting to land at an airport so that each circles at a designated altitude.
b. to compare; measure up (often fol. by against).
c. to add up.
stack the deck,
a. to arrange cards or a pack of cards so as to cheat.
b. to manipulate events, information, etc., esp. unethically, in order to achieve a desired result.
[1250–1300; (n.) Middle English stak < Old Norse stakkr haystack]
stack′er, n.
stack′less, adj.
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But if the conductor is surrounded by a dielectric, so that the electromagnetic field travels though the dielectric (as in the case of a strip-line stackup, for example), then the propagation speed is reduced by the square root of the relative dielectric coefficient of the board material.
Ideally, your PCB design software has the capability to design your stackup including both the rigid and flexible parts of the assembly.
Even during pre-layout floor planning, simulation can help clearly define layout constraints and PCB layer stackup.
Sometimes problems are caused by vias, stackup issues, and connector pins.
EMC-compatible Printed Circuit Board Design (termination, return currents, layer stackup, placement, routing, decoupling) - Karl-Heinz Schraink, Siemens AG.
2 is determined based on the nominal values of stackup thickness in various IC packages.
And drivers along Beltline will have to sit tight behind a red light while the stackup of exit-ramp cars clears.
This makes the material ideal for small-diameter vascular device assemblies where high strength and tolerance stackup are a critical concern.
in multiple setups: increase in tolerance stackup, large in-process inventory, requirements of several jigs and fixtures and large cycle time are the problems encountered in the aircraft component manufacture.
This profile depends on the component density on each side of the board, number of board layers, and amount of copper used in the layer stackup.
Tight width tolerances further provide designers with an ability to reduce overall tolerance stackup in a shaft system.
Machining accuracy is built into each individual station, eliminating tolerance stackup from station to station.