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staff 1

n. pl. staffs or staves (stāvz)
a. A stick or cane carried as an aid in walking or climbing.
b. A stout stick used as a weapon; a cudgel.
c. A pole on which a flag is displayed; a flagstaff.
d. A rod or baton carried as a symbol of authority.
2. pl. staffs A rule or similar graduated stick used for testing or measuring, as in surveying.
3. pl. staffs
a. A group of assistants to a manager, executive, or other person in authority.
b. A group of military officers assigned to assist a commanding officer in an executive or advisory capacity.
c. The personnel who carry out a specific enterprise: the nursing staff of a hospital.
4. Something that serves as a staple or support.
5. Music A set of horizontal lines and intermediate spaces used in notation to represent a sequence of pitches, in modern notation normally consisting of five lines and four spaces. Also called stave.
tr.v. staffed, staff·ing, staffs
1. To provide with a staff of workers or assistants.
2. To serve on the staff of (an organization).

[Middle English staf, from Old English stæf.]

staff 2

A building material of plaster and fiber used as an exterior wall covering of temporary buildings, as at expositions.

[Perhaps from German Stoff, stuff.]
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(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) having or provided with a staff or workforce
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adj hospital, hotelmit Personal besetzt; railway stationbemannt; to be well staffedgut besetzt sein, ausreichend Personal haben
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Other amenities located on the lower level included the Friends of the Library gift shop, five group study rooms accommodating six to ten people each, the Rocky Flats reading room (paid for and staffed by the U.S.
Staffed by a full-time chef, it's used for daily lunches, dinners during busy season, meetings and occasional special events.
In the long run, expenditures in increased staffing and staff training will increase the bottom line when the facility evolves into a high-touch, appropriately staffed care environment.