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staff 1

n. pl. staffs or staves (stāvz)
a. A stick or cane carried as an aid in walking or climbing.
b. A stout stick used as a weapon; a cudgel.
c. A pole on which a flag is displayed; a flagstaff.
d. A rod or baton carried as a symbol of authority.
2. pl. staffs A rule or similar graduated stick used for testing or measuring, as in surveying.
3. pl. staffs
a. A group of assistants to a manager, executive, or other person in authority.
b. A group of military officers assigned to assist a commanding officer in an executive or advisory capacity.
c. The personnel who carry out a specific enterprise: the nursing staff of a hospital.
4. Something that serves as a staple or support.
5. Music A set of horizontal lines and intermediate spaces used in notation to represent a sequence of pitches, in modern notation normally consisting of five lines and four spaces. Also called stave.
tr.v. staffed, staff·ing, staffs
1. To provide with a staff of workers or assistants.
2. To serve on the staff of (an organization).

[Middle English staf, from Old English stæf.]

staff 2

A building material of plaster and fiber used as an exterior wall covering of temporary buildings, as at expositions.

[Perhaps from German Stoff, stuff.]


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) having or provided with a staff or workforce


adj hospital, hotelmit Personal besetzt; railway stationbemannt; to be well staffedgut besetzt sein, ausreichend Personal haben
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This rule reflects an academic library model where students have the expectation of a staffed information desk.
It doesn't matter whether your facility is well operated, deficiency-free, state of-the-art, and staffed by the most caring professionals--complaints are inevitable.
For the most part, camps are staffed by inexperienced counselors - young adults who come with a love of camp and an affection for young people but who have little understanding of the awesome responsibility that care giving entails.