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Noun1.stage crew - crew of workers who move scenery or handle properties in a theatrical productionstage crew - crew of workers who move scenery or handle properties in a theatrical production
work party, crew, gang - an organized group of workmen
stage technician, stagehand - an employee of a theater who performs work involved in putting on a theatrical production
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an honourable mention must go to the meteor boards, which not only looked out of this world but were used well by the stage crew, ho moved the boards with the music nd wh and it looked so cool.
Also among their prize were accolades for their stage crew, set design and function, soundtrack and concept.
The show is directed by Sherry Becker and the stage crew is led by Sean Tait.
Auditions will be held for the small cast of five adults; four male, one female, and stage crew will also be required - director, producer, stage manager, sound and lighting are all roles that need to be filled, so if your interest lies backstage rather than in the spotlight, the opportunity is there.
The stage crew was quick to bring over a ladder so that Beyonce, clad in a black sequinned-leotard and thigh-high boots, could get down safely.
In addition to the principal cast, chorus and talented dancers, there will be a crew made up of staff and almost 20 students in roles from stage crew to lighting and sound to props.
PT Expressive Arts teacher Anna Beynon said: "I'm delighted to have a record number of pupils involved this year both onstage and preparing the set, costumes, props and lighting as part of the back stage crew.
"I believe we have a pantomime to be proud of and one which our patrons will enjoy, full of wonderful songs and dance routines, our stage crew have also done a tremendous job, and we have some excellent special effects which will leave audiences enthralled.'' Mother Goose is performed by The Civic Hall Pantomime Company and the script is written by Ben Crocker.
Stage crew can then be seen lifting the props off him.
She helped map out quick changes with the stage crew, going so far as to timing everything to music, just so I'd get to my entrances with plenty of time to spare.
This performance was the fruition of 12 months hard work by a very talented young cast, ably supported by a very capable, dedicated, back stage crew of wonderful volunteers.
Swashbuckle's Cook and Line, Joseph Elliott and Richard David-Caine, will also star as the clumsy stage crew trying to help to put on the play.