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A four-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle formerly used to transport mail and passengers over a regular route.


(Automotive Engineering) a large four-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle formerly used to carry passengers, mail, etc, on a regular route between towns and cities



a horse-drawn coach that formerly traveled over a fixed route with passengers, parcels, etc.
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Noun1.stagecoach - a large coach-and-four formerly used to carry passengers and mail on regular routes between towns; "we went out of town together by stage about ten or twelve miles"
coach-and-four, four-in-hand, coach - a carriage pulled by four horses with one driver
عَرَبَة البَريد


[ˈsteɪdʒkəʊtʃ] Ndiligencia f


stage-coach [ˈsteɪdʒkəʊtʃ] ndiligence fstage direction nindication f scéniquestage door nentrée f des artistesstage fright ntrac m


[ˈsteɪdʒˌkəʊtʃ] ndiligenza


(steidʒ) noun
1. a period or step in the development of something. The plan is in its early stages; At this stage, we don't know how many survivors there are.
2. part of a journey. The first stage of our journey will be the flight to Singapore.
3. a section of a bus route.
4. a section of a rocket.
ˈstagecoach noun
a closed vehicle pulled by horses that travelled in former times along a regular route and carried passengers and mail.
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They fly quickly over the snow in their sledges; the motion is pleasant, and, in my opinion, far more agreeable than that of an English stagecoach.
It is not meet that I should make too disparaging comparisons between humdrum travel on a railway and that royal summer flight across a continent in a stagecoach.
Everyone- the stagecoach driver, the post-house overseers, the peasants on the roads and in the villages- had a new significance for him.
The introduction of the steam railway and the steamship, at the beginning of the period, in place of the lumbering stagecoach and the sailing vessel, broke up the old stagnant and stationary habits of life and increased the amount of travel at least a thousand times.
This small staff was quite equal to all the requirements, for a canal between Beaucaire and Aiguemortes had revolutionized transportation by substituting boats for the cart and the stagecoach.
On that day week, amply provided with all necessaries, I left it, inside the stagecoach, for Reading.
London: Fitch Ratings has revised the Outlook on Stagecoach Group plc to Negative from Stable and affirmed its Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) and senior unsecured rating at 'BBB'.
BUS passengers who travel with Stagecoach Manchester will have to pay more for many fares this year.
Shanice Campbell, 25, waited over an hour at her bus stop on Smithdown Road, after four different Stagecoach drivers refused to let her on with her annual Arriva pass.
Millions of Stagecoach passengers now have access to contactless bus travel as Britains biggest bus operator continues to roll-out the technology across the UK.
Gallo Winery Acquires Napa Valley, California's Stagecoach Vineyard
A STAGECOACH which has become one of Gwynedd's most famous landmark's has returned home following a complete rebuild.