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also stag·ey  (stā′jē)
adj. stag·i·er, stag·i·est
Having a theatrical, especially an artificial or affected, character or quality.

stag′i·ly adv.
stag′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.stagily - in a stagy and theatrical manner; "`I cannot show my face at her house,' he declared theatrically"
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adv dressed, made upauffallend
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Ironically, then, "Marilyn" is all too stagily directed by theater- and TV-trained Curtis, lining up his characters with no attention to spatial logic or rhythmic flow.
Beyond that he proposes to usurp the role of Providence (144), enacting Satan so stagily as to disclose the spuriousness of his whole mise en scene.
The dead children are not necessarily from the area where their bodies have been so stagily deposited; the "Southernness" of this North Carolina scene signifies little if at all, as it is neither specifically marked as Southern nor peopled by Southerners.