stagnant hypoxia

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Noun1.stagnant hypoxia - hypoxia resulting from slow peripheral circulation (such as follows congestive cardiac failure)
hypoxia - oxygen deficiency causing a very strong drive to correct the deficiency
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With a decreasing shear rate in flow in the dilated venous microcirculation, hemorheological changes in the form of erythrocyte aggregation and blood viscosity (due to increased concentration of plasma fibrinogen and [alpha.sub.2] globulin) are aggravated [38] and further decrease venous blood flow and increase hydrostatic back pressure, leading to stagnant hypoxia. This static condition can extend into the two-dimensional, close-knit network of capillaries of the inner nuclear layer.
This type of hypoxia is often referred to as circulatory hypoxia or stagnant hypoxia. Decreased mixed venous (or CVP) oxygenation values would support this conclusion although they are not available in this patient.