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1. Not flowing or moving, and often foul-smelling or stale: stagnant ponds; stagnant air.
2. Showing little or no activity or vitality; inactive or sluggish: a stagnant economy; a stagnant mind.

[Latin stāgnāns, stāgnant-, present participle of stāgnāre, to be stagnant; see stagnate.]

stag′nan·cy n.
stag′nant·ly adv.
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More transparent home-entertainment and online-viewing figures would help break the myth that Australians just don't watch Australian films, but so would an industry moving into the future rather than stagnantly clutching to old glories.
Contrary to the college degree that is complete and sitting stagnantly on my wall, being a CCE requires me to stay current in the industry to ensure recertification every three years.
Since, for Woolf, "[e]xperience never comes into being without representation" (12), her revolutionary project entails conveying--through self-reflexive words and through a self-critical sign(ification) system--human character as a shifting subject position, which is always in flux or in becoming, rather than as a pret-a-porter archetype or identity which is fixed and stagnantly passive.