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also stag·ey  (stā′jē)
adj. stag·i·er, stag·i·est
Having a theatrical, especially an artificial or affected, character or quality.

stag′i·ly adv.
stag′i·ness n.
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(ˈsteɪdʒɪ) or


adj, stagier or stagiest
(Theatre) excessively theatrical or dramatic
ˈstagily adv
ˈstaginess n
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or stag•ey

(ˈsteɪ dʒi)

adj. stag•i•er, stag•i•est.
1. pertaining to or suggestive of the stage.
2. overdone in a flamboyantly theatrical manner.
stag′i•ly, adv.
stag′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.stagy - having characteristics of the stage especially an artificial and mannered quality; "stagy heroics"
theatrical - suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater; "a theatrical pose"; "one of the most theatrical figures in public life"
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[ˈsteɪdʒɪ] ADJ (stagier (compar) (stagiest (superl))) (pej) → teatral, histriónico
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adj (+er)theatralisch; appearanceauffallend
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stagey [ˈsteɪdʒɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (pej) → teatrale
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Oman's Kevin Stagy Kattokaran emerged as the highest wicket-taker of the tournament with 16 wickets from 6 games, followed closely by team-mate Sanjaya Ravindra who claimed 15.
HYDERABAD -- Three suspects allegedly involved in November 20 house robbery in Hyderabad were arrested in injured condition after an apparently stagy encounter on Sunday night.
Stagy and deliberate in its pacing, the earnest World War I drama "Journey's End" provides a wonderful opportunity for its cast members to demonstrate some actorly acting in the service of a story that attests once again to the sorrow, loss and inhumanity created by armed conflict.
Adapted from the play by Christopher Shinn, this intense yet low-key saga of two couples (one traditional, one illegal) occasionally gets tripped up by bursts of stagy dialogue and overly schematic structuring.
In fact, the more stagy the image, the more compelling; the model in Fortune Teller, 2006/2010, for instance, who looks completely contemporary, is less interesting than the others.
Average salary of doctors is now 3-4,000 som, salary of middle level health workers is 3,500 som.When asked by journalists if health workers plan to stagy rallies, the Health Minister replied that doctors are humane people and intellectuals, they will remain on their workplaces.The Health Minister said the government calculated internal reserves prior to making announcement about pay increase.
It's unusual for a director to take on a play three times in his career, let alone one with as spotty a reputation as Shakespeare's Cymbeline--Shaw called it "stagy trash of the lowest melodramatic order." But, having mounted it in his first and last seasons at Connecticut's Hartford Stage Company--in 1981 and 1997--Mark Lamos is again revisiting the play.
It's amazing how a line of dialogue which has remained exquisitely funny since 1895 can be wiped out by an illtimed splutter from the audience, but the fact that this happened again and again hints at a stylistic decision which had obviously been taken for this production - the well-known lines were delivered conversationally, with no stagy pauses for effect and at the risk that some of them would be lost (and it's just bad luck that, thanks to a few germs, some definitely were).
Although a bit exaggerated and stagy at times, this has the lively storytelling quality children enjoy.
Adapted from Alan Bennett's Tony award-winning play, The History Boys eventually overcomes its stagy feel with Oscar-caliber performances and powerful moments late in the game, but it's going to be a hard sell for its studio, Fox Searchlight.
People of refinement know better and recognize Captain Kirk's total commitment, his vein-popping intensity, his refusal to be cooler than the material, as the acting equivalent of the right stuff--an indefinable quality, not quite stagy, not quite cinematic, at once too big for TV and just right for it.
William Hurt is a willing, low-key accomplice, a good foil for Kosminsky's gracious manner and slightly stagy cheerfulness.