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Noun1.stainability - (cytology) the capacity of cells or cell parts to stain specifically with certain dyes
tendency, inclination - a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect; "the alkaline inclination of the local waters"; "fabric with a tendency to shrink"
basophilia - the tendency of cells to stain with basic dyes; "cytoplasmic basophilia"
cytology - the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of cells
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This year's speakers included executives focused on stainability at corporations like Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, as well as academics, activists, actors, military officials, and plaintiffs in the renown Juliana v.
The purpose of current study was to investigate the effect of four colors of resin cement and stainability of hot coffee on the final color of GC CAD/CAM blocks after thermocycling.
The null hypotheses of the study were that various staining solutions and polishing techniques would be not correlated with the stainability and surface roughness of CAD-CAM ceramics.
(2015) investigated the relationship between environmental exposure to pyrethroids and sperm DNA damage and found a positive association between CDCCA concentration > 50th percentile and the percentage share of medium DNA fragmentation index (M DFI) and the percentage share of high DNA stainability (HDS).
Sperm DNA fragmentation index (DFI) and high DNA stainability (HDS) were also normal, below the proposed threshold value for in vitro fertility (13.4 and 14.5, resp.) [7, 8].
(Tier 3 Certification) is the most recognized certificate in international standards for the reliability and performance of data centers in terms of both operations and stainability of the data, taking into account the operational sustainability standards for owners, managers, operators of data centers, behaviors and priority risks in data center operations and applying the recommended behavior in achieving access to the full performance of installed infrastructure, while reducing risk of downtime and avoiding human errors.
Pseudomelanosisduodeni: associated with multiple clinical conditions and unpredictable iron stainability - a case series.
A minimum of 100 grains per floret were assessed for viability based on size, shape, and stainability of the grains, and a percentage calculated (N = 2033 grains).
The number of viable embryos stained by TTC was counted under the optical microscope and the percentage of TTC-stained seeds was calculated as TTC stainability (%).
The percentage of apoptotic cells was measured based on the decreased stainability of apoptotic elements in DNA green fluorescence (sub-G0/1 peak on DNA frequency histograms) coupled with a higher RNA red fluorescence (which is common to chromatin condensation); cell debris was excluded from the analysis on the basis of their forward light scatter properties.