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1. Without stain or blemish: a stainless reputation.
2. Resistant to stain or corrosion: stainless metal.
3. Made of a stainless material: a stainless teapot.

stain′less·ly adv.
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And, in an era when criminals can even muscle their way onto the Sunday Times rich-list, and organised crime can easily afford to bribe a down-on-his luck pilot who might be struggling to pay his bills, who is to say that everyone travelling into Britain on a chartered jet is as stainlessly white as the neatly folded checklist handed over to airport staff makes them out to be?
Linked via the company's WAN and configured so that calls can be received by either Aviva office, the voice solution also provides a measure of disaster recovery Should its North Quincy site fail, incoming calls will be switched stainlessly to the company's Buffalo location, ensuring that no revenue opportunities are lost.
The other folks in Bonillas district can also rest assured that their communities will be kept stainlessly pure of open homosexuals.