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Noun1.stair-rod - a rod that holds a stair-carpet in the angle between two steps
rod - a long thin implement made of metal or wood
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The old man raked the fire together with an old stair-rod, and having trimmed his smoky lamp (for it was night), with the stem of his pipe, put it in his mouth again.
At half-past twelve the rain, wind, and thunder made such a din that Agatha and Gertrude wrapped themselves in shawls, stole downstairs to the window on the landing outside Miss Wilson's study, and stood watching the flashes give vivid glimpses of the landscape, and discussing in whispers whether it was dangerous to stand near a window, and whether brass stair-rods could attract lightning.
The brass stair-rods received an exhaustive polishing and were returned to their places.
As we drove away I stole a glance back, and I still seem to see that little group on the step, the two graceful, clinging figures, the half-opened door, the hall light shining through stained glass, the barometer, and the bright stair-rods. It was soothing to catch even that passing glimpse of a tranquil English home in the midst of the wild, dark business which had absorbed us.
Having said that the heavens have just provided a deluge of stair-rod rain!
For hours on end it would stair-rod down and then bright, steamy sunshine would break out and we'd dash from the balcony to the stunning private beach on Datai Bay.
Given the persistent rain, varying from spots to stair-rod proportions, it was always going to be a day for the forwards and Cov were magnificent from one to eight in a game which was briefly Blues v Whites and, after a double shirt change, was then Reds v Greens for a few minutes in the second half but for the rest was just Browns v Browns in a muddy morass.
Each white shoe you can remember, each stair-rod, each streaming window on the Shore Road, a seaside golf-links on a summer night, pale sand-dunes stretching away in the moonlight, 'the unbroken crescent of a sandy beach'.
And if that equates to the 'stalls' then the 'circle' was a precarious grip on potential mud-slide banks, battered by stair-rod rain, thousands of boots and the occasion bottom that unceremoniously found itself planted on what was once deep rough.
Some would kink a bit but the rest would remain stair-rod straight much to my mother's disappointment.
He and Padraig Harrington stood a disappointing 12th when stair-rod rain brought a premature end to proceedings.
It was chucking it down in stair-rod fashion and the Clio became as steamed up as a Roman Fiat Topolino on a Saturday night.