1. A step in a staircase.
2. stairsteps A staircase.
3. One of a series of objects or items grouped progressively according to height.
tr. & intr.v. stair·stepped, stair·step·ping, stair·steps
To position or be positioned progressively according to height: images stairstepped on a computer screen; ledges stairstepping down a mountainside.


or stair′-step`,

n., v. -stepped, -step•ping,
adj. n.
1. a step in a staircase.
2. stairsteps, stairs; a staircase.
3. Often, stairsteps. a group of persons or things whose relative size, height, etc., suggests the graduated level of steps in a staircase.
4. to occur or move in a pattern suggesting the steps of a staircase.
5. resembling the steps of a staircase.
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Through her leadership style in advocating for change in all levels of the British Health care system during the 1800s, the Stairstep Leadership Development Model evolved (Burns, 2003).
Cutout Iron scrap of different lengths and sizes and various scrap, (broken loading arms, rubber Hose Pipes, Stairstep, iron scrap plates, rod, angles tins etc.
Old beaver trails, bank caveins and sandbars often provide them with the stairstep structure to access crossing sites without bailing off a bank like a skydiver.
The Sacro Occipital Technique Symptom resolution of including R+C factors resolution chronic colitis with utilizing orthopedic block chiropractic care placement and cervical leading to increased stairstep procedures; fertility.
DeMaria & Berenson, 2013), a repeated-measures ANOVA demonstrated a nearly stairstep inverse pattern of men's self-reported arousal favouring no/minimal female pubic hair, P (6, 372) = 85.
The tones have vowel-like qualities, but the resonances of the airway are used (in stairstep fashion) to land exactly on a specific harmonics.
First, it is useful to see the stairstep approach that IHS takes toward the autonomous vehicle.
A variety of forbs and shrubs occurred in the western white spruce//stairstep moss type, but stairstep moss (Hylocomium splendens) with 51 [+ or -] 19% cover was the overwhelming understory dominant.
He recommended a device called a silicone sock, Tylenol, and stretching (toes on stairstep, drop heel, hold for 10 seconds).
There is a stairstep progression of thought as well as form among the three phrases of John 1:1.
Groups involved in the campaign against the photo 1D amendment included: TakeAction Minnesota, interfaith coalition ISAIAH, Jewish Community Action, the StairStep Foundation, Service Employees International Union, AARP Minnesota, the Land Stewardship Project, the Minnesota AFL-CIO, The Arc Minnesota, and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.
The Stairstep Model of Professional Transformation (Figure 1) is an example of a visual, transformational approach to professional identity formation and development within the field of nursing.